Additional Anti-Slip Stickrz for UVI Lust

Additional Anti-Slip Stickrz for UVI Lust

After several months of development and research, we finally found the perfect shape for our new UVI Lust mouse. After we gave prototypes to our testers, they told us that the mouse is great, but few of them informed us that they missed the feeling of rubber on the side of the mouse. There were also some complaints about the lack of grip. But since these complaints did not come from the majority, we decided to keep the mouse as-is and look for an alternative solution. We quickly came up with the idea to create special anti-slip rubber stickers that are easy to install and can be removed at any point. Once we got the stickers, we sent them to the testers, and they were amazed by the difference that stickers made – so UVI Stickrz was born! Since UVI Stickrz kit is already included with each purchase of the UVI Gear Lust mouse, you can customize the mouse to your liking from the get-go!

Installing the UVI Stickrz is quite simple. In the package, you will receive a pair of two stickers (left and right) as well as replacements for your mouse feet. UVI Stickrz are made in the optimal shape and size for the majority of the games, BUT if you would prefer a different shape or size, you can easily reshape them using scissors. Be careful that the sticky part with the glue on it does not touch any dirty or dusty surface since it might lower the strength of the glue, and they might not stick to the mouse as intended. You can check out our recommended position in the image below. The larger sticker is used on the right side of the mouse, and the smaller one goes on theft (where you have two additional buttons).

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UVI Stickrz are also suitable for other gaming mice. They might not be a perfect fit from the box but as we already said, you can easily reshape them to your needs. When you buy UVI Lust, you also receive an additional pair of mouse feet. We recommend that you change them after a year or when there is visible damage to them.


Enhance your Gaming Experience!

Get a better grip for better experience.

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Enhance your Gaming Experience!

Get a better grip for better experience.

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