Pixart 3389 mouse sensor with 16.000 DPI

Pixart 3389 mouse sensor with 16.000 DPI

At UVI Gear we always strive to offer the latest technology on the market and we did the same when choosing parts for our gaming mice. The sensor is responsible for tracking your movements and have to always keep up with you in even the fastest games. This is why we decided to use one of the best optical gaming sensors on the market, Pixart PMW3389.

Pixart PMW-3389

Pixart sensors like 3389 and their variants are regarded as the current pinnacle of the sensor market and have really impressive characteristics.

Tracking Speed (IPS) 400
Acceleration (g) 50
Resolution (DPI) 16,000
Frame Rate (FPS) 12,000
Lift off distance (LOD) (mm) <2mm, 2/3mm (Programmable)
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Firstly DPI resolution can be set way up to 16.000 and can be adjusted on the fly with added buttons or via added software. DPI is used to measure the ability to detect and react to smaller movements.

Quick explanation of relevant specifications used in describing gaming mice:

Resolution: rating, how sensitive sensor is to movement, usually provided in dots per inch (DPI). It describes how many reports sensor makes per inch of movement. Higher is better.
Polling rate: how fast sensor sends information to the computer. It is measured in Hz, for example 500 Hz means mouse reports 500 times per second. Higher is better.
Acceleration: how much rapid acceleration mouse can handle, measured in g’s. Higher is better.
Lift off distance (LOD): distance from surface, to which sensor still works. Depends on the user, preferred to be programmable.


The Perfect Gaming Mouse!

RGB lighting, 16.000 DPI, 5 buttons and only 63 grams.

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The Perfect Gaming Mouse!

RGB lighting, 16.000 DPI, 5 buttons and only 63 grams.

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