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Correct sitting posture

Correct sitting posture

Nowadays, we are all aware that improper sitting can cause pain which can, in the long run, also damage various parts of the body. That is why we prepared a brief tutorial on proper sitting habits.

1. Push the hips as far as the seat part of the chair allows you to. Nevertheless, there must be some space between the end of the seat and the leg. 

2. Set the chair backrest to an angle of approximately 90 to 100° for work or up to 135° during rest or watching movies. Both the lower and upper back should be supported, for which you can use the pillows.

3. The legs must be placed at an approximately 90° angle, with a fold in the knee, except that the knee must be slightly lower than the hips. Cross-legged sitting is not recommended as it reduces blood flow. 

4. Place your feet on the floor with their full length. If you do not reach the floor, you can help yourself with a pad or a base. 

5. Direct your hands straight ahead and when you place them on the table, they have to create an angle between 90° and 120° in the elbow. The shoulders should be completely relaxed and hands in the vicinity of the body. If you can not do this, your keyboard is placed too far away. 

6. Set the computer screen so that the top of the screen is about 5 inches above your eyes. If your monitor does not allow height adjustment, you can use books or separate monitors for your workspace adjustment. The head must always be in the straight line with the spine, which reduces the neck load. 

7. The wrists must be facing straight forward. If you cannot do this, the desk or the chair is at the wrong height or the keyboard is not positioned correctly.

8. Even the most proper sitting habits cannot prevent the negative impact of sitting, so it is important to take breaks and occasionally stand up. 


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