How to fix squeaking chair noises

How to fix squeaking chair noises

Every chair, no matter how advanced it is, sooner or later will start to show signs of wear and tear over time. This is the life cycle of every product, which most often appears in chairs in the form of an annoying squeak, which the chair emits every time we move in it or make some sudden movement.


However, this does not mean that your UVI Chair should be thrown away, which happens all too often in our apostate culture. Your faithful computer supporter only needs a few minutes of attention, and after a thorough diagnosis, you can quickly provide him with a painless medicine that will prolong his life and save you some headaches.

Here are some handy tips that will quickly eliminate the problem of a squeaky chair.

1. Check all screws and make sure they are screwed in tightly. You can coat the screws with a lubricant (such as WD40) which will make them easier to remove, then lubricate the screws themselves and then put them back in place. Make sure they are tight enough and then put the plastic caps back on.

2. Sometimes it is also wise to inspect the mechanisms of your UVI chair. In every room, dust will float in the air and it likes to accumulate in various crevices of the chair, which is especially true for all those that contain butterfly mechanisms. To fix this problem, first, turn the chair upside down, remove the plastic from the mechanism, and spray it with a good dose of a can of WD-40. This is not only a lubricant, but will also protect the mechanism from dust in the future, which will extend the life of your chair.

3. If the squeaking occurs only when you lean on the back of the chair itself, then the problem may be in the seat tension turn knob. Turn the chair upside down again, remove the plastic handle cover, and spray the tension spring thoroughly with WD-40. While spraying, do not forget to have a towel handy, which you can also place on the floor beforehand to prevent the ointment from running off.

4. Even the wheels of the chair can squeak or produce annoying sounds. A lot of dirt can accumulate in these over time, and hair can also get stuck. There is no universal solution to this problem, and the easiest way is to cut the hair with a sharp knife – of course, you have to be very careful not to cut and hurt yourself. The hair can also be pulled out with a handy tool such as a crochet hook, which is used in crocheting and can grab several hairs at once, and then you just pull them out. Once the wheels are clean, coat them again with lubricant or sprinkle with WD-40 and pay attention to each wheel separately. As before, keep a towel handy to mop up the excess lubricant.

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These four tips should eliminate your chair squeaking problems, but as is usually the case with any disease, it is not only important to treat the consequences, but also to prevent them. Your UVI chair is a faithful companion on which you will spend hundreds of hours. Therefore, it is wise to handle it gently and thoughtfully. Take care not to throw yourself into it with all your weight, which will make all the poor screws cry out in pain, but take a seat slowly and with care, as this will greatly extend the chair’s life and the durability of its components.

Of course, it’s wise to inspect it every now and then and remove the dust before unwanted squeaking occurs. You can also pay attention to the exterior of all leather UVI chairs, which you can coat with our UVI Clean treatment, so your UVI Chair will be healthy and shiny inside and out!

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