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These terms of this end user license agreement (EULA) are applicable to your use of the UVI One software regardless of any other terms that may apply during the installation of the UVI One software (in the document referred also as Software).

By downloading, installing, or using the software you as an individual or legal entity agree to the terms of this end user license agreement. If you don’t agree with these terms please don’t install software or use the software. If you don’t agree with these terms you can return the product. When first installing you also agree with future updates of the software.

Using software for evaluation purposes is only permitted in a non-production environment and should never be used for production purposes or be redistributed in any way. For evaluation, the software is provided as-is and without any kind of support or warranty for software and hardware. Before starting any evaluation you have to notify us as there can apply additional terms.

License to use Software and restrictions

1. Subject to the terms grants you a limited and non-exclusive license to use Software for UVI products. Modifying and sharing modified software with a third party is forbidden without written consent. Using software for any other products that do not come from UVI is strictly forbidden. You may permanently transfer this software to another person upon a transfer of the UVI product.

2. You are not allowed by any means to rent, lease, transfer, distribute, sell, outsource, host, or exploit commercially our software to a third party. Without our written permission, you are not allowed to decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or exploit source code or installer. You are not allowed to copy or remove parts of software that would change software from official design or functionality. The design of the software is not permitted to be copied. Software is allowed to use only for UVI products and not allowed to use for third-party products.


3. UVI holds all the rights to the software and all parts (design, code, logo, pictures…) included in the software. The software is licensed and not sold to you by UVI and we reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.

Download from store and automatic updates

4. You can download software from stores such as Microsoft Store, Apple MAC store, and similar stores where our software may be available. When downloading from third-party stores you are subject to store terms and conditions that you have to accept. When downloading/installing from the store installation is done thru the store and you accept our EULA and terms by clicking the install/download or similar button to start the installation process from the store. Before installing software from third-party stores you have to check and agree with third-party store EULA, terms, and privacy that may apply.

We may provide software updates, upgrades and fixes, and other modifications to our software that may be automatically updated without providing additional notice to the user. With installing the software you consent and agree to automatic updates.


5. To use the software you don’t need an account but some functions can be limited. With creating an account and using the software you agree to our general terms and privacy policy that can be found here.

Termination, limitations and warranty disclaimer

6. This EULA shall continue until terminated by either party. You can terminate this EULA at any time and your use of the software will be automatically terminated without notice from UVI. When you decide to terminate EULA you have to stop using software and must delete all parts of the software from the device. UVI makes no representation of the future availability of the software or updates. UVI shall have no responsibility to maintain or provide maintenance or support services for the software.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, software and services are provided “as is” with all faults and without warranty of any kind. You agree that using software is at your sole risk and the entire risk of using software and damages that could cause to your other software or hardware is solely on you. You agree that there can be interference with your enjoyment of using the software. In no event will UVI or its licensors will be liable for any damage costs of third-party hardware or software damage that this software may cause. We also do not take liability for any data loss, loss of profit, or other information loss that could happen using our software.

This software is not intended to be used in nuclear power plants, aircraft navigation, air traffic control systems, medical devices or equipment, or other operations that could lead to death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage. You agree that using this software is not intended for emergency services or notifications for users at home or in other work environments.


7. When installing the software you also agree to ou general terms that can be found here. The software is protected by copyright law and any unauthorized reproduction or distribution is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

If you have additional questions about these terms please don’t hesitate to contact us on email [email protected]

Those terms were first published 4.1.2021

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