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Build a attractive modern high quality gaming center.

We provide whole solution from design to fully equipped gaming center with chairs, gaming gear, computer, consoles, tv, simulators, VR and more.

HOG Zagreb
Hotels and resors
WOOP Karting


We are collaborating with various partners to deliver high-end gear and equipment.

Increase Sales

A new stream of revenue for Hotels, Resorts, popular shopping spots, and centers


Offer a loyalty program to your customers to stand out from the competition


We offer support and consulting after the project is completed
Services of the future

Drive your business into the future.

The popularity of gaming centers, games, simulators, VR, and consoles is skyrocketing and your business should not miss this opportunity.

High-end gaming computers
Virtual reality / VR
Racing Simulators
PS5 consoles
Gaming chairs
Sit/Stand desk
Management system
Sell gaming products
Consulting and support
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    High quality gear

    High quality peripherals

    Headphones, mice, keyboards and mousepads!

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    High quality gaming chairs

    Comfortable modern gaming chairs!

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    🚨 Ob nakupu nad 60 € prejmete kupon za dogodek Night Strike🔥

    Velja za VSE NAKUPE nad 60 €!
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